Columbus Beagle Club will be holding an AKC licensed Scentwork Trial August 25-26.  We will have two trials each day, with all classes in Novice and Advanced and select classes in Excellent and Masters each day.  Entries open June 1st at noon EDT and close August 8th at 6pm EDT.  Entry method is first received.  A waiting list will be maintained.

Judges: Jill Saunders and Terry McGauley

Link to the premium:


The below link will give you detailed directions to the club.  Please do not rely solely on your GPS to get you there!  Familiarize yourself with these directions and consider using the waypoints suggested in the document to help ensure your GPS is in fact taking you on the best route.  Several people have gotten very lost when their GPS took them on a “faster” route via some very back country dirt roads.  I would hate for someone to miss their runs because they got lost!

Directions to Columbus Beagle Club

Early setup is available Friday, August 24th, from 2pm to 7pm.

If you are bringing an RV/camper please contact the trial chair Khalida Hendricks at so we know you are coming and can ensure you have a spot.  No electric or water hookups are available but campers can be parked at the club overnight.

Lunch, snacks, and drinks will be available for sale on site.  The nearest restaurants are about ~15 minutes or more away, so please plan accordingly.

We will have a vendor on site Saturday, August 26th – Sew Dog Crazy.

Parking is anywhere on the grass on either side of the road (see 1st map below). There is no indoor crating but there are plenty of trees and shady nooks for pop-up tents and setups.

There is a moderate (less than 300 feet) walk on dirt/gravel road to some of the search areas, with a very slight incline up a dirt road (see 2nd map below).  Some of the Excellent/Master searches will also have some slight uneven ground/incline.  All Novice classes except for Novice Exterior Trial 2 (each day) will be under cover.



This document lists dog-friendly hotels near Columbus Beagle Club:

hotel listing

For more information contact
Trial Chair: Khalida Hendricks
Trial Secretary: Edith Markoff

Also check out our event page on Facebook!